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Why SharePoint Intranet Development is Important. How Our Intranet Consulting Can Help you!

From gaming to gambling, our lives are moving online. Meanwhile, with flexible working becoming the new normal, it’s time your company adopts a modern way of working. As a result of this shift, SharePoint intranet development and SharePoint intranet consulting is becoming more and more crucial. Therefore, to provide the right tools to collaborate with colleagues, a SharePoint development company is needed.

Being a SharePoint intranet consulting company, our developers have built slick intranets and SharePoint apps for some of the UKs top companies. We provide both development and consulting services and strive to create SharePoint intranets for companies staff to be social, share knowledge and chat. In conclusion, we provide companies a space to come together, wherever they might be in the world. BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION NOW
How SharePoint can help you

What services our intranet consulting includes

Using both Microsoft SharePoint and Teams as the foundations, we can deliver:


Let’s say, to begin with you buy a bunch of Microsoft 365 licences,you will find yourself buried in new products and features. Moreover, for each of the tools in the 365 suite, the configuration options are endless and SharePoint is no exception. Your SharePoint tenant will need to be setup correctly in order to avoid security, compliance and user experience nightmares further down the road.


Through many years of intranet consulting we have found that most companies struggle with user adoption. Not only getting their staff to engage with the platform, but to keep them actively collaborating can be hard. However, with our intranet consultancy service, we provide the training and resources to encourage users to embrace SharePoint.


It’s important to realize that with the inclusion of Microsoft Teams to the Microsoft suite, it is now the go-to place for internal comms. So it would only make sense to use this as the access point for your intranet. In that case, we can use  Microsoft Viva Connections, your SharePoint intranet will be available through your browser, Teams, Mobile & tablet. Thus creating the complete digital workplace.


Obviously, intranet consulting is a huge part of our business. Firstly we’ll get you setup, but our services don’t just stop there. Further to this, our consultants can provide in-house or remote SharePoint intranet development for your business. Ultimately, providing ongoing support to keep your staff engaged.


Want to get all your files into the cloud? Or, do you need to consolidate your files into SharePoint, from multiple file storage systems? In that case, our migration specialists have completed projects for many high-profile clients including the MOD and some of the UKs largest investment banks. Therefore, we are able to move your content seamlessly and safely, through tried and tested processes.


Are you tired of managing many vendors for different tools? If so, we can build any app into SharePoint, that’s a promise! Whether it’s a timesheet tool, invoice management or travel bookings, our SharePoint intranet development team can build these into SharePoint and Teams. As a result, this will improve user experience, by keeping your staff in one platform and save you a fortune on licences!


Do your staff waste most of their day completing simple manual tasks? In order to save time, automating these tasks, will allow you to focus on more important things. As a result, your business processes will flow seamlessly between all your Microsoft 365 apps. With this in mind, our SharePoint development agency use Power Automate to unite the apps in your organisation. By and large, we use powerful workflows to pass data between them and automate many of those everyday tasks.


What’s the point of having all that data if you never use it? As a result of many years as a SharePoint development agency. We have found that the most useful insights get buried deep within a companies file structure. By using visually pleasing and easy to understand reporting dashboards, we can surface that data, so that you can make use of it.

Let’s get you setup!

Let’s get your SharePoint intranet development started

So you’ve bought SharePoint licences for your entire team and want to roll out your intranet. From experience, our first piece of advise would be to get your setup correct… before it’s too late! As a result of poor setup, our SharePoint development consultants see a lot of clients that could have easily avoided their issues.

You can avoid this by applying the correct configuration, governance, and compliance, before rolling out to your staff. Once your staff start creating content, things can quickly get out of control. For this reason, problems can quickly appear, including bad user experience, hard to manage content and most importantly security issues. Proper SharePoint intranet development should include setting your tenant up correctly.

Let us help! We offer a free session to help you identify where to start

Which companies can benefit from SharePoint intranet development

Due to modern working, over 80% of Fortune 500 companies are now using Microsoft SharePoint for their intranet. Meaning, the future of the digital workplace is clearly SharePoint, but are you ready for the shift? Moreover, did you include SharePoint intranet development work as part of your plans? As it’s becoming more and more important. SharePoint has also been the recognised leader in this space by Gartner, for many years now. More importantly, our SharePoint development company is also a leader in maximising the features of your SharePoint.

Staff training is important for user adoption

SharePoint has often had a bad rep in the past.  Less glamorous, older versions have often struggled to drive user adoption. Users have often described older versions as ‘clunky’, hard to navigate and not user friendly.  As a SharePoint development company, it is our job to understand the platforms drawbacks, in order to make them better.

The most regular criticism we hear from end users, is that they don’t know how to find the features they need. Users often realise the benefit of SharePoint, but they just don’t know how to get there. This is why you need a SharePoint development agency. We use tried and tested training methods, to provide user specific training, based on job role and technical knowledge. This helps to get staff to adopt the platform quickly and reduce confusion of how to use the platform.  

Crack open SharePoint, to unleash its power!

Custom built apps

The features you can get out of SharePoint are endless, but you need to crack it open with custom code. SharePoint offers a limited amount of it’s own apps, that can be added, easily to SharePoint. Admins can browse the SharePoint store and have hundreds of options for apps that can be added to their intranet. From our intranet consulting experience, these often don’t give companies what they need to provide them a complete solution. Every workplace is unique and every clients wish list is unique. You can only really get a tool that 100% does what you need, by having it custom built by an expert SharePoint development company.

Obviously, Microsoft offers a great tool in SharePoint, it is rich in features and services. However, our job as a SharePoint development company, is to take those services to create easy to use, custom apps. These apps are built bespoke for each company. Using SharePoint intranet development we can integrate with other Microsoft products (like Power Automate and PowerBI), to provide a complete business solution.

Intranet consulting

Design, branding & User experience

It’s important to realize that people respond to tools that look good, are slick, modern and simple to use. From years of providing intranet consultancy services, this is what building a truly great tool comes down to. Specifically, a simplistic, modern design is what research shows us drives user engagement. 

With this in mind, our SharePoint development agency prides itself on excellent, well thought out design. Our user experienced designers, are focussed on making sure the tools we build are as easy to use as possible. Furthermore, our SharePoint development company will take time provide an experience based on your specific companies needs.

Include the whole Microsoft family in your SharePoint intranet development

Your intranet is just the start! Microsoft 365 is the full suite of tools that will complete your digital workplace. These tools are designed to work in unison with each other, to help get the most out of your company intranet and beyond.


All companies have those mundane, repetitive tasks they have to complete on a daily, or weekly basis. The time it takes for staff to complete these tasks adds up (often costing a fortune), not to mention the risk of human error involved. Power Automate is Microsoft’s digital solution. It is a way to automate these business processes, giving your staff time to focus on more important tasks.


One of the most important assets for each company is its data. Crucial information every company has built up since its launch and stored for later use. Crucial insights on staff, customers and a companies past and future can be provided using this data. However, this data is often hidden, deep within files systems. PowerBI is a reporting tool that surfaces a companies data in easy to understand and visual dashboards. Giving analytics and insights into your companies data.


With Microsoft PowerApps, everyone can be a developer. It is what Microsoft describes as a ‘low-code’ solution, which basically gives everyone the power to build custom apps, without having to write much code. These apps can be used across mobile, desktop and tablet devices and can be accessed through platforms like SharePoint and Teams.


Microsoft Teams has very quickly become the backbone of the Microsoft 365 family. With the shift to remote and flexible working and a need to centralise the M365 suite, Teams has become the interface for most of the tools. As most companies now Microsoft Teams for their internal chats and meetings and most staff have the app open most of the day, it seems the logical place for people to access files, the intranet, and other tools.


Think ‘Facebook for your business’, Yammer is Microsoft’s social media offering. Providing a way for employees to be social, share, post and create communities. This platform can be used as a standalone app, or integrated with SharePoint and Teams.


The default email provider for most companies, we are going to assume that you know what Outlook does. The great thing about Outlook being part of the Microsoft 365 suite, is the fact that you can integrate you emails with the other apps. Whether it’s automating the sending of regular emails with Power Automate, or easily sharing files with proper security access granted through SharePoint. Outlooks is a great addition to the suite.

How to integrate your SharePoint intranet development with Microsoft 365

Integration between tools is the cornerstone of the Microsoft 365 platform and what makes it so powerful. However, it can be hard to know how to optimise your intranet to take advantage of these integrations. Our SharePoint development agency can review your intranet and highlight areas that can optimised for integration. As part of this intranet consultancy service, we will also review the performance and security of your SharePoint intranet.

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Introducing Microsoft Viva

Improve office wellbeing, get insights on how staff are feeling and AI that learns your business. This is a brand-new experience from Microsoft to further unite the features available in the Microsoft suite. Branded as an ’employee experience and engagement’ platform, Viva consists of four elements: Connections, Insights, Topics & Learning.


Get your SharePoint intranet accessible through Teams. Explore news, company updates and important info all from within your Teams app. 

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Harness the power of AI to gain knowledge on your company. Topics uses artificial intelligence to learn about your business and builds a knowledgebase of information that gets displayed to your users.

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Wellbeing is becoming more and more important and is a hot topic right now. Insights does what it says on the tin, it provides insights on your staff, their wellbeing and engagement, which can then be evaluated by the management teams.

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Integrate multiple learning platforms, like Microsoft Learn, LinkedIn Learning and Pluralsight in one place. To enhance your employees growth and development.

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What Intranet Consulting Can Offer Your Company

An intranet is a central location from which a company can view and update their internal comms. Most companies choose Microsoft SharePoint to host their intranet (often without any intranet consulting), as it provides the security, integration and services needed for most companies. The out of the box UX isn’t often liked, however. Which is where our SharePoint development agency comes in. Our UX designers and intranet development team, can provide that extra level of design needed to make your intranet user friendly.

Intranet Consulting / Consultancy Services

Whether you need a new app built, need some advice, or just need help getting a Microsoft SharePoint application setup. Our SharePoint development agency can offer the intranet consulting services your company needs. One of our developers can either come on-site or provide remote consulting. In conclusion, our consultants provide training and BAU support for many companies and our SharePoint consultants are the best in the business.

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