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Our Mission

We create intelligent digital experiences and solutions, providing complex applications and processes, with a focus on making them as simplistic and user friendly for the end user as possible. Using the most cutting edge technologies and coding practices, we build on top of reliable and secure Microsoft systems; including SharePoint, Office365, Azure and the Power Platform, to provide stylish applications that work seamlessly. 

We use sleek designs and intuitive automation, to transform these widely used (and often underutilised) business applications, into intelligent workspaces and digital collaboration hubs. For every client we can provide a product that is far beyond what they thought was possible, with the technology they already have. Solutions that aren’t complicated to manage or confusing to navigate and ‘just work’.

SharePoint, That Doesn’t Look Like SharePoint

SharePoint Intranet Site Design

What Makes Us Different

Sleek User Experience

Of course, we have great devs, but what makes us different is our attention to the users experience. Instead of completing projects that only functionally meets the clients requirements, we put ourselves in the users shoes and develop tools…



We realise digital security is a huge concern for most businesses nowadays. On top of using best practices to develop our applications, we also add an extra level of malware security checks on anything we deploy to your environment, the rep…


Modern PM Approach

We adopt an Agile approach to all projects. As the most forward thinking approach to managing development projects, we work to fast paced sprints, quickly deploying small chunks of work. We use a custom created automated process, to deploy …


Full Client Visibility

All clients are provided with their own client portal, to access relevant information to their project. Here you can view documentation, or track the project progress (which is visualized in easy to understand dashboards and updated i…


What We Do

We provide agency and consultancy services in the following areas


Getting company comms heard by everytone in a global organisation can be a tough job. Intranets are a great way to share news, documentation and company information. Our SharePoint experts are able to develop unique, stylish intranets, that serve as a one stop shop, bringing employees from around the world together.

Office 365 Collaboration


The modern workplace should allow for team members to work from any location and still collaborate as if they were in the same room. We provide ‘state of the art’ digital spaces, making virtual collaboration effortless. We use specialised techniques to structure your data and use workflows to  make global collaboration as seamless as possible.


Building custom made business applications, using the latest and most responsive technologies is our bread and butter. Our developers build complex tools, for the UK’s largest organisations. Fully integrated with SharePoint and Office 365, it’s as simple as… Whatever you want, we can build it!


Automate those mundane, day to day processes and save your company time and money! We use Nintex and Power Automate to create complex workflows that can automate the most pianful of tasks. Whether it’s an automated on-boarding process for new employees, or managing the structure & categorisation of millions of documents between multiple systems, we can help!


We have experience migrating huge amounts of data between all SharePoint environments, from 2007, right up to 2019 and Online. We have our own custom built tools and processes (only available to us), which makes migrations as fast and seamless as possible and we have completed migrations for some of the UK’s largest firms.


We have in house PowerBI experts who can build complex business Intelligent applications for monitoring and analysing your data in real time. These applications can be built as stand alone applications, or as part of a wider application. These tools can be vital to businesses, who need to visualise mass amounts of data, much more easily than scrolling through an Excel spreadsheet!

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We Speak English, Not Developer

When you speak to our team, you will get a straight forward response and a clear update on the progress of your project. Not jargon that needs to be pieced together.

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Business Intelligent Solutions

We are dedicated to developing cutting edge applications, which is why we invest heavily in the latest technologies, like AI and business intelligence. This forward thinking approach keeps our clients a step ahead of their competition.

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