How we’re helping the planet

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At threesixfive we are committed to doing our bit for the environment, by maintaining a sustainable and eco-friendly work environment. Therefore, we encourage all of our employees adhere to a few simple guidelines, to ensure we maintain sustainable working practices.

We work with a partner company to ensure every one of our staff members is climate positive. We offset their entire carbon footprint, including emissions from their home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more. You can view our Ecologi profile Here

You can view our eco-friendly employee guidelines below:

  1. Encouraging flexible working

    We believe that the collaboration tools we deliver to our clients will help massively in ensuring the future of the workplace is sustainable and eco-friendly. Our employees use cutting edge collaboration tools to enable them to work remotely when possible. This is great for the environment. Fewer cars on the road, idling in traffic, equates to less carbon dioxide (CO2) being emitted into the air.

    If all small businesses encouraged remote working it will help to reduce traffic and unnecessary travel, reducing overall carbon emissions. Also, by reducing the number of employees in the office, companies can save money that would usually be spent stocking, lighting and heating the workplace.
  2. Cycling for meetings with London based clients

    For our client-facing employees, who may need to travel from client to client, we have a cycling scheme. This scheme encourages cycling to meetings that are close enough to travel by bike. As our offices are based in central London, a lot of our clients are just a short bike ride away, and this is sometimes even faster than taking public transport. For these meetings, when possible, we cycle.

    Choosing to cycle – over taking public transport or driving – reduces carbon emissions and improves air quality in the city centre.

  3. Use of sustainable products

    When purchases of physical products are made on behalf of the company, we adopt an ‘environment first’ approach. This means we will prioritise how eco-friendly the product is, over other factors that need to be considered when purchasing a product. For example, price and durability.

    For commonly used paper items, like toilet roll, post-its and printing paper, we use trusted, eco-friendly suppliers to source these products, which helps us to ensure that they are sustainable. Recycled products such as these maintain a circular economy and reduce overall waste.

    We also use the same approach for cleaning products. We use trusted green suppliers that provide us with products that don’t include toxic chemicals, opting instead for natural ingredients that work just as well. Using these products keeps toxic ingredients out of the streams and their waste
  4. Recycling

    “The best way to keep waste out of landfills is by never sending it there in the first place.”

    We all know recycling is a great way to ensure everyone stays environmentally friendly, and we all should be doing our bit to make sure as little waste as possible gets sent into landfill sites, by recycling what we have. At threesixfive, we have strict policies on recycling when in the office.

    Firstly, we reduce usage when we can. We do not use disposables like cups, plates and utensils and coffee pods, which increases office waste. We use permanent ceramic, metal and glass alternatives, which are reused.

    For general recycling, we make use of the recycling policies put in place by the government for businesses and individuals. We make use of the local recycling bins and adhere to the council’s recycling process.
  5. Buy second-hand when possible

    As we are a digital agency, it is essential that all of our electrical products are top-spec and the latest models to meet our quality and security policies. When it comes to other products, for example office furniture, we apply our ‘environment first’ approach, prioritising second-hand goods over buying new.

    It uses a lot of energy for companies to produce large items such as new tables, chairs, couches and desks. By buying second-hand furniture, it reduces the need for production of physical products. We choose to reduce our own costs, and stay green, by opting for recycled furniture.

    This ensures that fully functional furniture won’t be tossed into landfills in favour of the newest styles.