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What is Internal Communications / Internal Comms?

Internal communications (often referred to as internal comms), is a strategy a lot of companies adopt. Firstly, to keep their staff in the loop with company affairs. Secondly, Internal communications provides a flow of data between the various teams in a company. This is very important to keep management and staff on the same page. Lastly, good internal comms develops a good company culture and a good internal communications agency will understand this.

Internal communications agency

Types of internal communications


Uses digital resources such as a company intranet, email, social platform and messaging services to relay information to employees.


Workshops and non-formal chats between colleagues are examples of some collaborative internal communications.


Moreover, via the intranet, or email. Each team can assign a member of staff, who can send out communications based on teams specific topics.


This is where the internal communications within a company, starts at the higher levels. Then, down through the internal staff through phased communication posts.


Also, communication can be provided by staff and is fed up to the leadership teams. Mostly, through social sharing, comments and feedback forms.


Send bulk email campaigns. Either by team, or to the whole company. Either on a month-by-month basis, or when events happen within a company. Campaigns are a great way to engage staff.

Digital communications

Years ago, print resources were a companies only method of internal communications. For example, company newsletters, or flyers, to keep staff engaged. These days, most comms are provided through digital sources.

However, the most common digital resource for internal comms is usually a company intranet. An intranet, is a central location, that acts like an internal website for the company. Staff can access the intranet and get updates on company news, events and important information. Generally, Microsoft SharePoint, which is a Microsoft 365 product is the most common intranet platform. Document management systems and team collaboration can also be achieved through SharePoint.

These include:





What Does an Internal Communications Agency do?

An internal comms agency is a third party company that can help with providing content, tools and methods, to enhance interactions between staff. A good agency will be able to capture the firms unique culture. Not only adding the branding that echoes that culture, but also provides the means for the company to build that culture between staff.

In conclusion, most companies already have the tools in place to create good comms. Although, the key is to have the expertise to develop those tools, into user friendly and easy to use platforms.

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