Microsoft Viva license cost? MS Viva Suite Pricing

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Microsoft Viva license cost? MS Viva Suite Pricing

Microsoft Viva Suite Pricing

There has been a lot of hype around the introduction of the MS Viva suite, but as with many Microsoft products the MS Viva Suite pricing can be hard to understand. With the introduction of the new apps, there is now a single ‘Microsoft Viva License Cost’ that can be purchased.

This article will break down the individual apps, including:

  • First, Microsoft Viva Learning pricing / cost
  • Second, Microsoft Viva Connections pricing / cost
  • Third, Microsoft Viva Insights pricing / cost
  • Fourth, Microsoft Viva Topics pricing / cost

Also, we will look at the other new apps that have been introduced.

MS Viva pricing compared to features

Before viewing the licensing costs, you might want a more in-depth look at the features of the Microsoft Viva suite. You can get a full rundown of the features of the Viva Suite here.

MS Viva Pricing (full suite)

Firstly, it is important we understand what is the MS Viva Suite, so we can understand the price breakdown. Simply put, it is a digital employee experience platform that uses various apps to link important Microsoft apps and features. The basic Microsoft Viva license cost is now very straight forward for the entire suite, which currently stands at £9.90 per user/ per month.

See the Viva Suite Pricing for the main apps below:

Microsoft Viva Connections cost

Microsoft Viva Connections Pricing

The Viva Connections cost is the easiest to explain, the Microsoft Viva license cost is absolutely free with M365! All you need to do is have a consultant configure you MS Teams to work with Viva Connections. We offer Viva Connections as part of our SharePoint intranet packages if you want to get started quickly. See our packages here.

Microsoft Viva Learning cost

Microsoft Viva Learning Pricing

The Viva Learning pricing isn’t as cost friendly as Connections. The cost for this app is in-line with the rest of the Viva Suite pricing and costs just £3.30 per user / per month. However, to integrate other learning platforms into this tool, you will also need to pay the license costs for those tools outside of Viva.

Microsoft Viva Insights cost

Microsoft Viva Insights Pricing

A common question I get asked is… Is Viva Insights free? There are two parts to this answer. The app can be easily added to Teams for personal insights. However, advanced analytics features are available for managers. Which are an additional cost, that should be bought through the Analytics plan.

Microsoft Viva Topics cost

Microsoft Viva Topics Pricing

Finally, the Viva Topics app also follows the same basic Viva license as other Viva apps. Meaning, it costs £3.30 per user / per month. Alternatively, there is a free 30 day trial available.

MS Viva Pricing for other apps

Other apps:
– Engage license cost: Free with M365
– Goals license cost: £4.90
– Glint license cost: £1.64
– Sales license cost £32.90

Furthermore, there are also separate plans that can be bought that group the Viva suite pricing into categories. These can be viewed here

To get up and running with the Viva Suite. See how we can help you here, or contact us below to find out more.