The Techy Stuff

SharePoint | Power Platform | Microsoft 365


We are a team of Microsoft-certified professionals, who have been working with SharePoint since the early days of Moss 2007. Since then, our focus has shifted towards working in the cloud, delivering cutting-edge cloud-based solutions in Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online and the Power Suite. We also have a history of SharePoint on-premises development, developing standalone web applications and completing enterprise-level migrations.

We create customised intranet and collaboration portals, complete complex SharePoint migrations (between 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Online) and develop completely customised applications that integrate into SharePoint and M365. If it’s in the Microsoft collaboration ‘world’, we have an expert in it. Whether it’s administration, configuration, deployment, migration, development, consultation, or just general advice, we can help with it all.

Our consultants have experience working on-site and off-site for some of the largest Finance and Banking, Technology, Education and Public Sector businesses in the UK. We also have previously SC-cleared consultants, which should give you peace of mind in terms of security and compliance.

Power Platform

  • We create business intelligent dashboards in PowerBI so our users can analyse their data.
  • We can use either Power Automate or Azure Logic apps to automate business processes.
  • Custom apps can be built using PowerApps (canvas or model-driven).
  • Our professionals, skilled in using XCode and DAX, can fully manipulate power suite applications.
  • All of our custom-built tools are also ready for integration with Microsoft Teams.


  • We build our applications using the most agile and reactive programming languages. Staying at the forefront of the digital community, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of our craft.
  • We use the SharePoint Framework (SPFX) to develop our custom applications that will integrate with SharePoint and MS Teams. Using Typescript, along with HTML5, Javascript, XCSS, Jquery and usually React or Angular.
  • We have a team of server-side developers, who are experts in using C# and ASP.Net to develop server-side scripts, on-premise web parts and SDKs.
  • The latest HTML5 and CSS3 are used for custom frontend development, to give an extra unique feel.
  • We use Microsoft Graph and PNPJS to work with SharePoint APIs and call data from the wider Microsoft 365 world.
  • To create beautifully styled applications, we use both Bootstrap and Office UI Fabric to give our apps their signature fluent design and attractive UI.

Project Management

  • For all projects, we adopt Agile methodologies for development and testing, which is the recommended approach for software project management.
  • Our development projects are managed in Azure DevOps, using GIT version control to reduce data loss, track changes and increase speed and collaboration from within the team.
  • We use CI/CD deployment methods to automate our deployment and testing process, which increases efficiency for all projects. We also use additional security extensions to minimise the chance of malware attack.
  • SharePoint Management shell is used to automate tasks and run Powershell commands

Third Party Integration

  • Our consultants have extensive experience using Nintex Forms and Workflow to build custom SharePoint forms and automate SharePoint processes.
  • We often work with AvePoint to integrate their services with SharePoint and Office365. Including DocAve to complete migrations, backup tools and Cloud Governance to enhance the governance features of SharePoint and Teams.
  • We are also experienced with using ShareGate, DocAve, Metalogix and SharePoint Migration Tool to complete migrations.
  • Beezy is a solution we have also used as a UI/UX experience, built on top of SharePoint as an intranet experience.

SharePoint On-Premises

  • Our database team are experienced using SQL Server and SQL Server management studio
  • SQL scripts are used to run queries on SharePoint databases
  • We have installed and configured SharePoint farms using High Availability servers and SQL Always-On, to reduce any downtime.
  • SharePoint environments have been built using the business connectivity service, in order to integrate data from external sources like Oracle.
  • For on-premise environments, we can complete a farm ‘health check’ to ensure everything is configured correctly.