Document Control | Choosing the Right Document Management System

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Why you need a document management system (DMS)

What is a document management system

As we know, for almost all companies, finding, sorting and managing documents can be an ongoing problem. With thousands (sometimes millions) of of files, and versions of files, located across lots platforms. It can cause, the management of documents can quickly get out of control. Therefore, a document management system provides document control for a firm to manage their files in a central location. Making it fast and easy to locate documents. Consequently, a document management system can control the versions, tags and sorting of documents. Ultimately, giving staff many ways to locate the file they need.

What is document control

As well as the sorting of the documents, all firms also have specific compliance and GDPR standards to abide to. In addition, they can even have have some industry specific standards. Users also need to be sure they are working on the most up-to-date version of the document, but keep old versions for auditing purposes. All document management systems need to handle a certain amount of document control. Regardless of the type of business, or size of the company.

SharePoint document management system

At threesixfiveUK, we build our document management systems on a platform called SharePoint. SharePoint is a Microsoft service, that is part of the Microsoft 365 suite. We choose SharePoint for a document control. Firstly, because of the level of security it provides. Secondly, most firms have access to 0365 products. Lastly, SharePoint integrates well with other 365 products. Moreover, SharePoint is highly accessible and can be accessed through your mobile, desktop, browser and Microsoft Teams. The files in your SharePoint DMS can also work with the Microsoft Power Platform, to create business workflows and visual dashboards for reporting.

How we can help

In short, we have applied document control systems for some of the UKs biggest firms. Giving companies a central location to store and access knowledge. Firstly, we do a full analysis of a companies file system. Then, move all the documents into a central location that can be accessed through file explorer, MS Teams, or the browser. Lastly, we organise and sort the data into an easy to search and filter structure.

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