Top 10 ‘Must Have’ Digital Tools for Businesses

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Top 10 ‘Must Have’ Digital Tools for Businesses

top 10 digital tools for business
top 10 digital tools for business

Modern technology now exists within every area of business. Not only the IT department use digital tools to assist with their day-to-day tasks, all departments from HR to Finance rely on software to help them with their work. These tools have massively increased productivity within modern businesses, taking away manual processes and physical copies of data. This means staff are able to focus on the tasks that are really important. It also helps with security of data and data loss protections, as your data is held within secure platforms and is organised and backed up for safety. Our consultants have completed projects for some of the UKs largest companies and have noticed some must have digital tools for businesses used within most companies. These top 10 digital tools for businesses are very common in the big firms, but seen less within smaller organisations.

There are plenty of tools that are used in businesses these days and it seems like there is a new app released daily. However, there are some must have apps that are used within most modern organisations. As digital experts, we see all kinds of tools being used, here are the top 10 digital tools we see being used in most companies. We see these as the must have tools for businesses in 2023!

1. Travel Booking System

Booking corporate travel can often be a long drawn out process. First placing the booking through the travel company, printing receipts, multiple levels of approval, then reimbursement. With a digital travel booking system, you can do away with all that hassle and have everything automated through the system.

2. Holiday Booking System

Recording absences and tracking holiday requests is something all businesses have to do. Allowing your staff to easily and securely book holidays for keeping your staff happy. A custom holiday booking system can give staff members an easily to use tool and enable you to easily keep track of the data .

3. Employee Directory

D you work for a large organisation? Or is your business growing? And your staff are finding it difficult to keep track of who is who. An employee directory can help you easily find staff members and their contact details. This helps with staff collaboration and keep your organisation connected, especially if you are a multinational company.

4. Timesheet Management Software

Loosing track of time spent on projects and not properly connecting the tasks within a project together can affect alignment within a team. The data tracked from the timesheet management tool can then be saved in a central database and visualised in easy to understand reporting dashboards.

5. Employee Onboarding Tool

Getting users setup and onboarded hassle-free and quickly is very important for productivity. Starting at an new role can be a daunting time, not being able to find the systems, files or people you need can keep new starters in the dark for longer. This process can be completely automated, giving staff access to the data, people and workspaces they need instantly.

6. Process Management Systems

Doing away with manual tasks and completely automating your companies processes is one of the best ways a company can maximise productivity. Using automation within a business is also one of the biggest cost saving tips that we can offer, as it can significantly reduce the time people spend doing unnecessary tasks.

7. Supplier Portal

Giving your vendors a portal that they are able to log into and manage their communications with you, can not only increase productivity, but can give your company a professional look for external suppliers. This can also give you one location to manage all your vendors, which for larger organisations can become very difficult to keep track of and manage.

8. Asset Management System

IT often have to lend out many assets like laptops, mobiles and accessories. These assets can often be misplaced and lost, costing companies a fortune on misplaced products. An asset management system can keep track and automate the management of lending out devices and accessories.

9. IT Helpdesk System

In the past your IT team would have to manually manage the incidents and requests raised by other staff members. This can cause for requests to be forgotten, or a backlog of requests to pile up, resulting in bad management of requests. These days an IT helpdesk system can help you IT department organise, manage and sign-off their requests.

10. Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a one-stop-shop for collaboration within a business. Apps like Outlook and Teams are used by end-users within most business, but people often do not realise the wide array of tools available as part of M365. Platforms like SharePoint and the Power Platform are often the backbone for the data held in most companies.

Bonus: Microsoft Viva

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